Hosting charges from June 2018

Hosting charges from June 2018

If you signed up for hosting with us before January 2018, you’ve been getting it for free so far. Unfortunately, that will change as of 1st June 2018.

The good news is you’ll have a superior service, with all the new guarantees in the Service Level Agreement section below.

Why are we charging you now?

Providing you with a top quality hosting service isn’t easy. We have to manage and maintain a complex network of computers, rent space on a server, and make sure everything is backed up regularly.

That all costs money and takes time. We’d love to keep giving the service away for free, but we can’t afford to keep doing it.

The service provided

  • Shared hosting (PHP/WordPress/MySQL)
    • Fast, highly available virtual servers in EU data centres (Paris or Amsterdam)
    • Multi-core vCPU
    • SSD storage to speed up websites
    • 200Mbit/s bandwidth
  • SSH/SFTP access
  • No restrictions on the number of separate sites to be hosted on a single server. If you have very resource-intensive websites you might need multiple servers but this is likely to be the exception, not the rule
  • Provisioning, renewal and management of SSL certificates
  • Management of security updates

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We will provide:

  • 99.9% availability
  • Direct email support for availability/configuration issues - resolved within 24 hours
  • Maintenance undertaken outside UK business hours

If we don’t keep to the SLA we’ll give discounts/compensation on a graded structure:

  • If availability over a 12 month period falls below 99.9%, a 10% discount/reimbursement will be applied
  • If availability over a 12 month period falls below 99.5%, a 50% discount/reimbursement will be applied
  • If availability over a 12 month period falls below 99.0%, a 100% discount/reimbursement will be applied

The cost

£12 per month, billed monthly (PayPal), or £120 billed annually. The extra monthly cost is simply to cover the overhead of using PayPal as the subscription mechanism.

If you started using our services before January 2018, you’re entitled to a 50% discount for all hosting fees.

Exiting the agreement

You have the right to data portability – you can obtain your data at any time and move it to another hosting provider.

On request, we can provide full extracts of filesystem and database content via email in order to move to another hosting solution. The managed SSL certificate service is not portable between hosting providers.